Dwain Chambers

Dwain Chambers was introduced to Winning in the Game of LifeTM after a chance meeting with Enlightened Media Ltd founder, Deborah White. The programme immediately resonated with Dwain as he recognised the importance of equipping children with the tools to make informed decisions, forge relationships and overcome challenges.

He believes having access to such an education would have helped him avoid certain pitfalls in his own life, and is now committed to providing others with this invaluable foundation. He is proud to be an ambassador for the programme.

In Dwain's Own Words...

I was introduced to the programme by Deborah White, the founder of Enlightened Media, on a charity walk round the streets of London. She explained how the structure of the course had been designed to teach life skills to young people in order to equip them in making decisions, some of which will ultimately shape their lives. I have personally experienced some very difficult times as a direct result of my decisions and had made a commitment to help others from making similar mistakes to those I made, so I was curious and wanted to learn more.

During my visits to schools as an Ambassador, I shared my story and was asked to discuss some of my life experiences, both good and bad. The children asked some very searching questions, not because they wanted to headline it the next day, but because they were genuinely interested. By sharing my thoughts and experiences, I hope I brought to life many of the core elements of the course that young people of all ages can relate to and transfer into their own lives and experiences.

“Just saying sorry is like putting a plaster on a very deep wound, being truly sorry is determined by your actions.”

Young people will face many challenges and decisions (as I did) at different stages in their lives on their journey to adulthood. The course focuses on the necessary thoughts and actions involved in making decisions, exploring the alternatives, and preparing the individual for the consequences of their actions. A deeper understanding of these skills are something that I certainly would have benefitted from at certain stages in my life and are consequently, in my view, invaluable to all young people, regardless of age or social background.

It is fantastic that the programme is being embraced on a national basis and it is a privilege for to me to have continued involvement with the programme.

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